Matatabi Chew Sticks


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We source these fun cat toys from Meowy Janes!

An alternative to catnip that combines play and dental health!

Packed into our Matatabi Sticks are natural essential oils that drive cats wild.

Gently rub off some bark of the stick to release the scents from the natural oils- then give to your cat to enjoy. They will play, roll, rub, and have a blast!

What is Matatabi?

The plant is native to the mountains Japan and China and grows like an ivy on trees and rocks. It is officially named Actinidia Polygama, but is commonly called Silver Vine for the distinctive color of its leaves.

Many cats react to Matatabi (the vine of the Silvervine plant) even if they show little interest to catnip. A 2017 scientific study found 70% of cats had a reaction to catnip, however over 80% of cats had a reaction to silvervine, with many cats enjoying both!

While Matatabi/ Silvervine is slowly becoming more well known here in the United States, and is more popular in East Asia than traditional catnip!

What’s in the bag?

Dried, unprocessed and untreated vine segments

The resealable bag is stuffed with 7-9 Matatabi sticks (depending on individual vine segment thickness)

Each Stick is around 5 inches long, the perfect size and length for play

Safe for cats to tear apart during play

Please note that not all cats will respond enthusiastically to silvervine.