Broad Spectrum Capsules


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We offer a large selection of broad spectrum (single-cannabinoid) capsules:
Cannabichromene (CBC)
Cannabidiol (CBD)
Cannabigerol (CBG)
Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA)
Cannabinol (CBN)
Cannabicitran (CBT)
Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (D8-THC)
Tetrahydrocannabidivarin (THCV)

Broad-spectrum capsules are sold in quantities of 60.

Capsules are made with organic coconut MCT oil, vegetable cellulose, and a drop of organic sunflower lecithin.
The cannabinoids we use are sourced only from the most reputable of extractors, using hemp grown in the U.S.
All extracts and isolates that we use are produced in food-grade manufacturing facilities certified in the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), with certifications for both Nutraceutical (111) and Food Processing (117).

All capsules come in opaque black Calyx containers, wrapped in minimal bubble wrap, and packaged in a box with a letter to law enforcement and COA(s) for cannabinoid ingredients.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any medical condition or disease.
Please consult with a physician before use: cannabinoids may interact with some medical conditions and prescription medications.
Pregnant or nursing women should avoid the use of cannabinoids.
You may fail drug testing when consuming any cannabinoid products.
This product is not for sale to persons under the age of 21.



Dose (per capsule)

10 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 50 mg, 60 mg, 90 mg, 120 mg, 180 mg