K&A Apothecary strives to bring you the highest quality hemp-derived and herbal products. Nearly all of our products are made-to-order, so you can rest assured knowing that anything that you order is freshly made!


K&A Apothecary is a family run operation. The K&A Family includes Sean (founder), Shannon (creative counsel), our 3-year-old daughter & our 2-year-old son. And that’s just the humans! Then we’ve got the wonderful Corgi that you may have seen, Nia (nye-uh). Nia is one of the main reasons that we started K&A – after witnessing how much CBD helped Nia and other family members & friends, we had to share the joys of cannabinoids with everyone that would could. And we believe that the best way to share the joy with everyone is to offer high-quality products at prices that are actually affordable. But hold on! It wouldn’t be fair to forget the rest of the K&A Family: Moose (fluffy black cat), Macy (snuggly black cat), JiJi (goofy & loud black cat), Brown (adopted stray brown cat), & Nina (huge beast cat).


We are here and want to help in any way that we can, so, don’t be afraid to reach out!